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Bra Making kit - White

Bra Making kit - White

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White 14mm scallop elastic is currently out of stock. Once we receive the shipment we will restock this kit.

This bra making kit is suitable for patterns using stretch fabric . Everything you need to make 2 bras up to a 40DDD is included, yes even the underwires. Please select the bra strap size (16mm or 19mm) and the underwire size.

Each kit includes:

1.2 m stretch lace

0.5m lycra (100cm x 75cm)

40cm x 75cm selenise

2m underwire casing

2.2m bra strap

2 sets of rings and slides

4m 11mm scallop elastic

2m 14mm scallop elastic

2 sets of pre-cut hooks and eyes

2 pairs of underwires

2 satin bows or embellishments