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Sheer Bra Cup Lining  - Black

Sheer Bra Cup Lining - Black

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Our Sheer Bra Cup Lining is lightweight and almost invisible under fabrics. However, it is supportive. This fabric used for lining bra cups under delicate fabrics or laces. This fabric is also used as a reinforcement for the front bridge, under stretch fabrics or laces. Customers use this fabric as a stabilizer under other lingerie, wherever a sheer reinforcement is necessary. Use this lining under the front portion of a lace garter belt or the front panels of a bustier, to offer support and strength. Useful for power bars as well!

Customers use the Light Beige colour as the main fabric in a sheer bra cup. Some call this fabric “tulle”. While this is technically not a tulle, it behaves very much like one, but with superior strength. This fabric offers superior support for the larger cup sizes, that out-performs our competitors’ fabric.

The Sheer Bra Cup Lining is 58-60″ (147-150 cm) wide with little to no stretch in either direction. Also, this fabric is made from 100% nylon. Therefore, the White and Light Beige colours are dye-able with any quality acid dye.

Imported from Canada